(CNC Controller (GSK 980TD

Product Description

CE certificated

Control function

Controlled axis: X, Z,

Min. Command unit: 0.001mm

Interpolation ways: X, Z axis linear, circular interpolation

Programming command range: +-9999.999mm

Max. Rapid speed: 7600mm/min 30000mm/min(adaptive)

Max. Feed speed: Linear speed 7600mm/min(electric gear ratio 1: 1)

Feed per rev: 0.001~500mm/Rev(must equipped with 1024 P/r spindle coder)

Feedrate override: 0~150% 16 grades tune real time

Rapid override: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

Acceleration/deceleration mode: The linear rapid acceleration/ deceleration, the index feed acceleration/deceleration, the parameter can be tuned

Electric gear ratio: 1~127/1~127

Electronic handwheel function: With

Display windows

Monitor display type: 320X240 lattice in blue(LCD), CCFL in a poor light

Display mode: Chinese(adaptive English menu)

Diagram display function: With

G function

23 kinds of G command, including 3 single fixed and 7 compound cycle commands, 8 user read/ write macro commands, max. 16 input/6 output points, double subprogram call, user macro program call

Thread function

Metric/Inch single straight thread, taper thread, metric/inch face thread. And the ending of thread can be set( set by the parameter)

Pitch: 0.001~500.000mm(metric) 0.06~254000.000 tooth/inch ( Inch)

Spindle coder: 1024p/r incremental coder

Compensation function

Backlash compensation: (X, Z axis)

Pitch error compensation: (X, Z axis)(adaptive)

Tool point radius compensation: (X, Z axis)(adaptive)

Tool compensation: 16 groups tool length compensation

Tool function

Adaptive toolpost: Max. Setting 8 tool selections electric toolpost(can adapt 12 tool selections toolpost function, select the near toolpost without chuck/tailstock control function)

Tool selection signal input mode: Directly input

Tool change mode: MDI/automatic absolute tool change or manual relative tool change, tool selection by forward rotation, clamp by backward rotation

Toolsetting mode: Fixed point and trial cutting toolsetting

Tool compensation mode: Move the tool/coordinate offset(set by parameter)

Spindle control

Control mode: 4-gear or analog control

Gear control: S1, S2, S3, S4 direct output

Analog control: Set as 4-gear spindle auto or manual shifting, and output 0~10V control spindle speed

Constant linear cutting function: With( its function is valid when select the spindle analog control)

Auxiliary function: Control the spindle start/stop, reverse, stop; Coolant On/Off; Lubricate start/stop; Chuck clamp/unclamp; Tailstock feed/retract in Manual/MDI; Control the spindle frequency conversion automatic shifting in MDI/Auto mode

Program edit: Program capacity: 40KB, 63 programs

Subprogram: Can be edited

Communication: Standard RS232 communication interface; Adaptive communication function and supplying for the communication software and cable, transmitting the program with PC each other

Anti-interference ability: Meet GB/T17626.2

Adaptive part:

Switch power supplying: GSK PB(match with it and have been installed and connected)

Driving device: DF3A 3-phase response, DY3B 3-phase compound, DA98 series AC servo

Toolpost controller: GSK TB

Assembly: Standard panel, big panel, box

Integrated outing wire from the bottom/back(matching with DF3A or DY3B)

Dimension: 420x260x136mm/ 420x320x136mm(samll/big)

Weight: 6.0kg(containing switch power supplying)