Ncstudio Control Card

Product Description

Axis control card, spindle speed available computer software governor, widely used in advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, CNC engraving machine, one year warranty, stable performance, reliable quality!

If you have any quality problems, within one year replacement! Please be assured to buy!This control card without any restrictions, giving control software (the software without any limitations), support higher Ncstudio5.5.55, the program more stable.

The system can be used in conjunction with a variety of three-dimensional engraving machine, 3D engraving and milling machine. Applied in a variety of complex mold processing, advertising and

1,Sports card can match any driver board .A breakpoint in the boot after power outage to continue carving.

2.Sports card can save 10 datum.

3 It can read carved eng format of the tool path files, and PLT files.

4 Electric spindle inverter connection software governor.


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